How do i find unclaimed money

how do i find unclaimed money

Please enable JavaScript to use all features. Each individual federal agency maintains its own records. To find out whether any unclaimed funds are being held by the federal government, you need to determine the type of benefit or payment that could be involved, the date on which the payment was expected, and how the payment should have been made. Given this information, the agency responsible for certifying any payment due should be able to assist you in getting the current status of the payment involved.

The titles and addresses for all federal agencies can be found in the United States Government Manual which is available in most public libraries. This association consists of state officials charged with the responsibility of reuniting lost owners with their unclaimed property, how do i find unclaimed money. Their website was developed by state unclaimed property experts to assist the public, free of charge, in efforts to search for funds that may belong to you or your relatives.

Several companies, or locator services, engaged in the business of identifying and recovering unclaimed assets for profit, acquire federal check issuance data from Fiscal Service and various federal government agencies under the provisions of how do i find unclaimed money Freedom of Information Act. The information requested by these companies pertains to specific check symbols, numbers and dollar amounts identified on Treasury check cancellation listings compiled by Fiscal Service.

These listings are not searchable by personal identifiers, such as a person's name or social security number. Personal identifiers may, however, exist in federal agencies' check issuance or cancellation records. How do i find unclaimed money is important to note that these firms are also involved in recovering unclaimed property in the possession of state and local government entities.

Fiscal Service cannot issue payments on behalf of federal program agencies until official certification of those payments is received from the agencies. Below are government agencies that have databases you can search for unclaimed money. Treasury Hunt: Unclaimed U.

The Unclaimed Property Unit serves as custodian of this money. If you can prove you are entitled to the money, we will gladly return it to you, at any time, without charge. To search for unclaimed property in New Mexico visit missingmoney. For specific eligibility requirements and site links, see Filing a Claim. The website missingmoney. There is no cost to search for your property or to request a claim form. Follow the instructions for requesting a claim form on the missingmoney.

The U. Department of the Treasury has a Financial Management Service website that provides information about unclaimed federal assets. On the site, click A to Z Index on the left-hand navigation bar. Individuals What is Unclaimed Property? Search Unclaimed Property. Unclaimed Property How do i find unclaimed money is Unclaimed Property?

For your protection, how do i find unclaimed money, banks, insurance companies, utilities, investment companies and many other businesses are required by State law to surrender inactive accounts to the State. Search nationally The website missingmoney. Search federal databases The U. Tips for searching For specific advice, see the search tips on the missingmoney.

Generally— You can search for an individual, family member or business. An individual search is based how to ask for financial assistance your last name current or prior name and your full or partial first name. A family search only requires a last name. The business search requires entering your business name. You can search for anyone, but you may only file a claim for property that belongs to you or for which you are the legal heir.

If you are a business owner, you may also file on behalf of your business. You can search for deceased family members, but only the rightful heir can claim the property. Contact Us unclaimed.

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